100 things about me

...and adding (or updating)...
I am mostly known as albina, but I am also known as “outofhands”. My childhood was spent on an island, and resembled first few seasons of LOST: I was trying to "get off the island!" Eventually I succeeded. After making my home in the place far, far away from where I started out, I was able to pursue many interesting things. Raising a family, traveling, getting an education. My love of running with paintbrushes, glue, and scissors has culminated in my achieving an art degree with an emphasis in Studio Painting. No one was willing to give me "runs well with scissors" degree. Now I reside somewhere between Fargo and The Big Easy, at my “Wit’s End”, and remain constant in my creative pursuits and delusions of grandeur. Sometime I think of getting back to the island, any island really...but would prefer one somewhere in the Caribbean. 

Just in case you want to know more, 100 things about me:

"For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn?"
                                                                                                                                 Jane Austen

1. I wish on stars.
2. I read more than one book at the time.
3. I don’t have satellite, cable or antenna hooked to my TV.
4. I am a travel junkie.
5. I engage in random acts of stupidity, but never on purpose.
6. I find weeding therapeutic — off with their heads!
7. I can’t sit with my back to the door.
8. I have piercings.
9. I have no tattoos. I think it is a fear of commitment, he…
10. I had a temporary amnesia due to a very, very bad migraine episode. It only happened once.

11. I read cookbooks the same way people read novels.
12. I dislike having ice cubes in my drinks.
13. I really am partial to champagne.
14. I wish I had 7 younger brothers.
15. I have only one much younger brother.
16. I procrastinate.
17. I am cell phone incompetent and don’t really care.
18. I can never get a good night of sleep around the full moon.
19. I would love to learn fencing, tango and Spanish.
20. When I was younger I wanted to run away with gypsies…

21. I volunteer.
22. I am a night owl by preference, morning person by necessity.
23. I can’t bake. Not at all.
24. I watch Pride and Prejudice, BBC series, over and over because there is no life without Mr. Darcy!
25. I used to think I was completely schizophrenic in my art, now I think I am versatile.
26. I am compulsive organizer.
27. Person I have learned the most from about life is my friend Elaine.
28. I would like to become proficient and competent horsewoman. Somehow I don't see it happening right now.
29. I love my husband. We had ups and downs and sideways moments in our 19 years together and I love him more every day.
30. I get really creative under pressure.

31. I love opera. I love it on CD, in production or just aria performances. I often try to convince people to give it a chance.
32. I am not partial to country music. I don’t get up and leave if I hear it, but I will not be going out of my way to have it on my playing list.
33. I don’t collect. Few years ago I decided to give a try to collecting things and I am glad I changed my mind. I have some favorite objects, but as a rule I don’t collect.
34. I have learned to ride a bicycle at the age of 30. One of my friends have given me a bicycle as a gift and my other friends have taught me how to ride it. I don’t go out on it too often, I am still a bit afraid of my complete lack of co-ordination. Don’t tell me it is like riding a bike!
35. I eat food from street vendors when I travel.
36. I stay in touch with people, even if it seems like an improbability for us ever to meet again.
37. I have issues with holidays and occasions. Like Christmas… And especially Birthdays.
38. One exception to number 37 is Halloween. I love Halloween and used to celebrate it in extravagant fashion.
39. I can’t swim. I can float OK and love floating in the pool, but I can’t swim.
40. I am a huge fan of Anita Blake the Vampire Hunter novels.

41. I struggle with my weight. I am not obsessive or irrational about it, but I struggle all the same.
42. I am almost never bored.
43. When things go really well I freak and wait for a shoe to drop.
44. I have raised three children. I am done.
45. I don’t like cocktails. I am beginning to really like creative cocktails.
46. I am crazy about penguins.
47. I have no religious affiliation.
48. Upon my death I wish to be cremated immediately without any viewing or embalming in the alternative corrugated container (yeah, it is a fancy word for a cardboard box).
49. My other option for #48 is to be immediately reincarnated!
50. I have won a blue ribbon at the fair.

51. I have read War and Peace twice.
52. I still hope to paint my masterpiece.
53. There was a time when I made all my clothes.
54. I like to put anchovies in my salad.
55. I have a hard time staying in the “now”, but I am making every attempt to do just that.
56. I detest “good news, bad news” conversation opening.
57. I have passed my drivers test the first time around, even though I could not parallel park. And I was going over the speed limit.
58. I love to cook and feed people — I haven’t had chance do it so much lately.
59. I am self-employed, and it is putting it very loosely.
60. I am computer junkie, but I like to pretend that I am not.

61. I have Bachelors degree in Fine Art and a Certificate in Accounting.
62. I find tax accounting fascinating.
63. I would like to live for a couple of years in each of following locations: in Thailand (Chiang-Mai or Krabi), in the mountains of North Carolina, on the Island of Vieques in Puerto Rico, in Spain.
64. I don’t have “favorite song”.
65. My grandmother is my role model. I absolutely adore her style, admire her discipline, and in awe of her intelligence. She does not fit typical “granny” image and I love her more for it.
66. I believe that pumpkins are for carving and not eating.
67. I talk when I am nervous… No, I babble when I am nervous. When I get comfortable abound people I get quiet.
68. I am hoping to sight Elvis.
69. I have potential for self-destruction.
70. I drive Subaru Forester and have no intentions of switching to anything else. Update: I now drive Subaru Outback. I wanted to keep on driving Forester, but test-drive proven new Outback a better fit.

71. Thunderstorms thrill me.
72. There are very few regrets that I harbor about my life.
73. My biggest fear is not to realize my potential.
74. I don’t believe that people are inherently good. I don’t believe that people are inherently evil. I don’t believe people are inherently anything at all.
75. I find concept of living “off the grid” enthralling.
76. I am still hoping to go back to school and get my MFA. Just for me.
77. I eavesdrop.
78. I really want to get rid of every single thing in my closet and start all over again. I chicken out every time I think I am ready to do it.
79. I cry at the movies.
80. I absolutely can’t decide on favorite color.

81. Horoscopes delight me!
82. I dislike being photographed. Perhaps because the way I “see” myself and the way I really look are never reconciled.
83. I have ridiculous fear of bears. It gives me nightmares.
84. It irritates me when people try to pigeonhole anyone.
85. My lists have lists.
86. I believe that “road to hell is paved with good intentions“.
87. I have tendency to fall off my various wagons now and then. Usually I find it in me to climb back on, though not always promptly.
88. People that can speak in the same “language” as the two-year-olds scare me.
89. In an alternate reality I am an interior designer.
90. In another alternate reality I am a surgeon.

91. When noise level in a crowded place reaches certain frequency, I go deaf.
92. I am not a connoisseur.
93. I can be petty.
94. I am not a city-traffic driver. I feel that I am performing a public service by not participating.
95. I love road trips. I miss them.
96. String theory has my full attention!
97. I was in the most peaceful frame of mind ever when I had a chance to sit for some time quietly and completely alone in the sanctuary of the Buddhist temple.
98. I don’t believe in “other half”, idea that someone may think of me as less than a whole person offends me. I believe in soul friends and equal companions.
99. I grew up on an island.
100. I am waiting for my alien spaceship to come and pick me up…