spring, perhaps...

... or maybe an expectation of spring - waiting to awaken again: to feel sunshine that is not reflected, sunshine unfiltered through icicles. Not yet. We are promised one more storm, one more snowflake parade before we put away those woolen mittens.

For the time being, while we wait: keeping warm in the kitchen.


I don't bake, and I was able to pull this off. Follow instructions found here: Simple Scones. Adjust baking time and ingredients as you wish - this recipe is very forgiving, so it is perfect for non-baking crowd who is more apt to experiment with a dash of this and a pinch of that.

And to find out an exact measure of pinch, among many other things, turn to the pages of Consider the Fork: How Technology Transforms the Way We Cook and Eat by Bee Wilson. This book is a lovely meander through the kitchens old and new, and history of our culinary technology. Filled with interesting facts, and written in an easy conversational style, this book will entertain just about anyone. 

What have you been making (or reading) in the kitchen?


then, now, and next

Well, it looks like I had a break... and I did - away from here and everywhere else; but after the break I got sidetracked by a virus of some sort that kept me in it's grip for almost a month - not a fitting end to the lovely holiday at all. In any case, I seem to have shaken it off, and I am back on my feet! Time to take a look around, and see where I am right now, and where I want to go from here.

Being away always puts things in perspective: stuff, clutter of everyday, random busyness of our lives...  I see some Spring Cleaning coming up - my head needs it as much as my surrounds. I am ready to let go of some ideas that I have outgrown, for starters. I am ready to take a look at the accumulation that inevitably follows living. I will have to make some decisions regarding my virtual presence as well - mostly the location, and how to tie everything together.

That's my "to-do", of sorts... what's yours? What are you doing these days?