some body

from the sketchbook 2

from the sketchbook 1

from the sketchbook 4

from the sketchbook 3

I finished my sketchbook, and it was mailed in by the deadline to The Sketchbook Project! These few are my favorite pages. I didn't pick any of the available themes, going with "undecided" instead, and it evolved into a figure drawing sketchbook... a subject matter I am always happy to explore. Not everything went smoothly: I struggled with some pages (and it shows), I had to cover some pages over and over, and some of the pages went out in an unfinished state. It really looks like a sketchbook... not a masterpiece, for sure! If you happen to be in any of the cities that are on The Sketchbook Project tour, and are interested in seeing it in person, I am including link with locations and dates of the tour below, just click on the banner. The book can be requested with a call number of 194.60-8. 

I am going to try some sketching on location next. I aways wanted to do a travel journal, but somehow managed not to... and the timing seems perfect right now! 

What is one relatively small thing that you have always wanted to do and found an excuse not to? Will you give it a go sometime soon?



“Yea, I shall return with the tide.” 
                                                                                                     Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet 

When do we start anew: at the turn of the page, at the strike of the clock, at the predetermined date? Every day, perhaps, when we open our eyes and realize – here we are. Perhaps we get a fresh start at any given moment, when we become (or are made) aware that every moment is new. "Now" seems like a good time to start again - what better time than now to do something, anything? It is not like we can walk into our past, and we may plan the future, but we still can't go there till it becomes now. And so, the day turns, and small moments become the wefts and warps of our stories, and this moment becomes history, and tomorrow holds a new beginning... 

Where are the tides taking you now? Will today be a fresh start?