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Cooking tonight: White Chicken Chili - one of the Pinterest finds, and a certified success! We made the "original" not too long ago, while visiting friends out West: soooooo easy, so good, can feed a crowd, and keeps well. Tonight, it is a variation on a theme: I was running out of chicken broth, so I put in chopped tomatoes and juice in the pot, to add more liquid. I also add chick-peas (garbanzo beans) almost every time I make it. This recipe is very flexible, and fail-safe, so add away ingredients that make sense, adjust liquid, and have fun! Or, stick to the original: the link is HERE.

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Dee said...

Yum...Looks like a great thing to add to my Pescatarian menu {for those chicken eaters in my family/visitors...}
I wonder how it would fair as a vegetarian version?
Hope you are well...I know you are eating well!