New Year is already being rung around the world ... somewhere out there is already a dawn of the new day, and is 2013. Here, we still have a few hours of 2012 left to us, to do with as we please: to reflect, to celebrate, to raise a toast, to dream of new, to let go of the old. 

My own “year's end” (time for endings, beginnings, reflections, and tallying-ups), falls at the end of October and beginning of November, so most of my personal letting go and reflection have taken place, though changes are just now starting to catch up; but even I can't resist the lure of the new calendar year – the turn of the page, the possibility of it all! 

It was a busy year, 2012, if not all entirely productive. It was a happy year filled with family and friends, new additions to our lives, discoveries and re-discoveries, places visited, lessons learned. I made some progress. I have taken some steps back, too. And forward again. I have started to lay a foundation for more productive habits, as well as enjoying my life as it is now – here and now, not in some possible future. And since we can't change our past, I have stopped examining it too closely, choosing instead to take the lessons and good memories, and leaving it at that. 

What's next? 

For this coming year, once again, I am not making resolutions, but I hope to meet some of my personal challenges as, and when, they come in 2013. I hope to push forward, to go outside of my comfort level in some areas of my life.

Thank You for sharing my journey in 2012, I will see you tomorrow, on a new page of a brand new year!

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