so many books...

... so little time. Even though, pages were turned since my last book update: some very emotional pages, some intense, some were just "meh"... I am not going to talk about them ("meh") today. The surprise of the stack ended up being a favorite, and the one I was looking forward to reading left me yo-yo-ing between reactions. 

the surprise: I always thought that novels of post-apocalyptic genre were depressing as hell... it is somehow fitting, the hell reference, with stories set after the end of the world, humanity's near extinction, and horrors of all kinds. What I wasn't expecting, and found deeply moving, is the possibility of being uplifted by a story set in the after “after”. The Dog Stars by Peter Heller is as poignant as it is lovely. The writing style is a great match for the story: the feeling of narrator’s struggle to find the words for his feelings and memories, to express himself, adds to the experience. This one I definitely recommend!

In One Person by John Irving - I was full of anticipation when this book arrived from the library (I am a BIG fan of John Irving) ... but... This novel started out with a bang, and yet somewhere through 2/3 of the book it started to sputter. This book is just great, and I loved so much of it: unbelievably real story, and it made me laugh, and I was sobbing through some of the scenes, but... in the end I was just a little confused: is this it?! I wanted so much more from the main character, yet I realized that he was perfect in his own strangely unfinished way. There is a reviewer on Goodreads that gave my frustration a voice: Billy is "a protagonist, but never a hero". I felt that book didn't finish the story we started to follow at the beginning, that somewhere along the way something changed in the telling, and we were left with what we could get. Still, I would not pass this one up!

The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov is my latest re-read. This is one of the books that I keep on dragging along, through time and space, so I am not un-biased in my endorsement - this is an awesome book! I have heard it described as maddeningly confusing by some, and I was let to know that it struck a perfect chord with others. If you decide to give it a chance, make sure to get some background on Russian history of the mid-to-late 1930s. Also, not all translations are the same... I take my hat off to all the people who take on an enormous task of bringing us the joy of books that we may never have been able to read - the literary translators! 

That's it for now. Time to sort my reading list and see what to read next! 
What have you been reading lately?

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