"We only part to meet again."  
                                                             John Gay

I have been missing from the pages of this blog, and truth be told: I am not entirely sure what is going to happen here, and if it will be happening here or elsewhere, or at all! I am taking a break for another month, and then I will decide. 


spring, perhaps...

... or maybe an expectation of spring - waiting to awaken again: to feel sunshine that is not reflected, sunshine unfiltered through icicles. Not yet. We are promised one more storm, one more snowflake parade before we put away those woolen mittens.

For the time being, while we wait: keeping warm in the kitchen.


I don't bake, and I was able to pull this off. Follow instructions found here: Simple Scones. Adjust baking time and ingredients as you wish - this recipe is very forgiving, so it is perfect for non-baking crowd who is more apt to experiment with a dash of this and a pinch of that.

And to find out an exact measure of pinch, among many other things, turn to the pages of Consider the Fork: How Technology Transforms the Way We Cook and Eat by Bee Wilson. This book is a lovely meander through the kitchens old and new, and history of our culinary technology. Filled with interesting facts, and written in an easy conversational style, this book will entertain just about anyone. 

What have you been making (or reading) in the kitchen?


then, now, and next

Well, it looks like I had a break... and I did - away from here and everywhere else; but after the break I got sidetracked by a virus of some sort that kept me in it's grip for almost a month - not a fitting end to the lovely holiday at all. In any case, I seem to have shaken it off, and I am back on my feet! Time to take a look around, and see where I am right now, and where I want to go from here.

Being away always puts things in perspective: stuff, clutter of everyday, random busyness of our lives...  I see some Spring Cleaning coming up - my head needs it as much as my surrounds. I am ready to let go of some ideas that I have outgrown, for starters. I am ready to take a look at the accumulation that inevitably follows living. I will have to make some decisions regarding my virtual presence as well - mostly the location, and how to tie everything together.

That's my "to-do", of sorts... what's yours? What are you doing these days?


some body

from the sketchbook 2

from the sketchbook 1

from the sketchbook 4

from the sketchbook 3

I finished my sketchbook, and it was mailed in by the deadline to The Sketchbook Project! These few are my favorite pages. I didn't pick any of the available themes, going with "undecided" instead, and it evolved into a figure drawing sketchbook... a subject matter I am always happy to explore. Not everything went smoothly: I struggled with some pages (and it shows), I had to cover some pages over and over, and some of the pages went out in an unfinished state. It really looks like a sketchbook... not a masterpiece, for sure! If you happen to be in any of the cities that are on The Sketchbook Project tour, and are interested in seeing it in person, I am including link with locations and dates of the tour below, just click on the banner. The book can be requested with a call number of 194.60-8. 

I am going to try some sketching on location next. I aways wanted to do a travel journal, but somehow managed not to... and the timing seems perfect right now! 

What is one relatively small thing that you have always wanted to do and found an excuse not to? Will you give it a go sometime soon?



“Yea, I shall return with the tide.” 
                                                                                                     Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet 

When do we start anew: at the turn of the page, at the strike of the clock, at the predetermined date? Every day, perhaps, when we open our eyes and realize – here we are. Perhaps we get a fresh start at any given moment, when we become (or are made) aware that every moment is new. "Now" seems like a good time to start again - what better time than now to do something, anything? It is not like we can walk into our past, and we may plan the future, but we still can't go there till it becomes now. And so, the day turns, and small moments become the wefts and warps of our stories, and this moment becomes history, and tomorrow holds a new beginning... 

Where are the tides taking you now? Will today be a fresh start? 


the sketch book project - another go

I signed up in November, thinking I had all the time in the world, with submission deadline being January 15, 2013. Here I am, two trips and and three holidays later. Oh, the bliss of  self-imposed pressure brought on by poor time-managment (aka procrastination)! It's time to give it another go: 

Wish me luck, and stay tuned for updates.
more about:



It is lingering still, this vague mood of being suspended in time, like strings of fairy-lights tangled in the branches... even as we are already busy with what's next, and moving on. 

hiding moon


* * *

Best wishes of joy, good health, creativity, love, and happiness in 2013! 

For a few years now, at the beginning of the year, I pick an inspirational quote (or two) to be my meditation, a theme of sorts, a point of departure, something that I reflect on through the year. My meditative inspiration is not oriented toward any final goal, and it is forgiving in terms of commitment: I can change direction, and focus at any time during the year... The freedom from from final result also allows to create mental space for personal growth. 

I am starting 2013 with these as my inspiration:

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." 
                                                                                                               Henry David Thoreau

"Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it." Buddha

Have you found your word for this year, a quote, or inspiration? Did you set any goals, or decided to forgo resolutions? What's next? 

This blank page of a new day of the year is always so filled with possibilities, and even if we have to resume chopping wood and carrying water tomorrow, I hope that today find you inspired, happy, and looking forward to some new adventures! 



New Year is already being rung around the world ... somewhere out there is already a dawn of the new day, and is 2013. Here, we still have a few hours of 2012 left to us, to do with as we please: to reflect, to celebrate, to raise a toast, to dream of new, to let go of the old. 

My own “year's end” (time for endings, beginnings, reflections, and tallying-ups), falls at the end of October and beginning of November, so most of my personal letting go and reflection have taken place, though changes are just now starting to catch up; but even I can't resist the lure of the new calendar year – the turn of the page, the possibility of it all! 

It was a busy year, 2012, if not all entirely productive. It was a happy year filled with family and friends, new additions to our lives, discoveries and re-discoveries, places visited, lessons learned. I made some progress. I have taken some steps back, too. And forward again. I have started to lay a foundation for more productive habits, as well as enjoying my life as it is now – here and now, not in some possible future. And since we can't change our past, I have stopped examining it too closely, choosing instead to take the lessons and good memories, and leaving it at that. 

What's next? 

For this coming year, once again, I am not making resolutions, but I hope to meet some of my personal challenges as, and when, they come in 2013. I hope to push forward, to go outside of my comfort level in some areas of my life.

Thank You for sharing my journey in 2012, I will see you tomorrow, on a new page of a brand new year!